Located in Boulder, Colorado the Leeds School of Business is part of a community that is educated, innovative and entrepreneurial. Boulder is also nationally recognized for being a leading hub for business formation, job creation and technology. However, Boulder's reputation for its quality of life and sense of community sets it apart from other tech-cities across the U.S.

Boulder ranks first in Bloomberg's Brain Concentration Index’s top cities

BloomberBloombergg's Brain Concentration Index, which tracks business formation as well as employment and education, ranked Boulder first in the United States. According to the report, Boulder ranked above cities such as San Francisco and San Jose for net biz formation.

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Boulder ranks at the happiest city in the United States according to National Geographic

National GeoBoulder is commonly known for innovation and its entrepreneurial communities. Boulder is also known for its quality of life. National Geographic bestselling author Dan Buettner and Gallup’s social scientists studied cities across the United States using 15 metrics to describe what makes a happy city. Characteristics such as eating healthy, learning something new every day and civic engagement were cited as important factors. However, Boulder's top-ranking was directly associated with the its recognition for having the highest rate of people that walk to work in the U.S., high rates of exercise and a strong sense of community.

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Boulder earns top ranking in high-technology business formation and job creation in the United States

KauffmanAccording to the Kauffman Foundation report on high-technology business formation, Boulder ranked first in its list of top 10 metro areas for high-tech startup density. Boulder ranked above cities such as San Jose, Seattle and San Francisco for net job creation. The report also found that high-technology business formation is growing at higher rate than all private-sector businesses.

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