Mostafa Purmehdi

Office: S-438

I am a marketing instructor at Leeds School of Business. I teach Buyer Behavior and Market Intelligence. I offer consulting to start-ups in Ai and other industries. I previously ran a consulting business and founded a mutual fund in the Middle East. 

I am also an academic researcher. My research interests are in the areas of Marketing Strategy, Global Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Policy and CSR. My doctoral thesis investigates Customer Protection Strategies, using marketing-finance models (Event Studies) and quantitative data analysis (Meta-analysis.) I study warning labels, product recalls, packaging elements, and ecommerce avatars.

My recent publication entitled “The Effectiveness of Warning Labels for Consumers: A Meta-Analytic Investigation into Their Underlying Process and Contingencies” is available in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing (JPPM). Click here to read

In Spring 2018, I will be teaching:

  • MBAX 6330 Market Intelligence, MSBA program
  • MKTG 3250 Buyer Behavior, Undergraduate

Upcoming Papers:

  • Gupta, Rishab, Mostafa Purmehdi, “Studying the attributes of Packaging Size Decision in FMCG Industry using Conjoint Analysis: Value for Money”, in preparation to submit to European Journal of Marketing.
  • Purmehdi, Mostafa, Mina Rohani, Nasser Shahrasbi, “Self-Determination Theory and Consumers’ Revenge Behaviors”, accepted for Winter AMA Conference 2018
  • *Purmehdi, M., R. Legoux, S. Senecal, “The Effect of Country of Origin on the Relationship between Product Recalls and Firm Value”, forthcoming
  • Purmehdi, M., R. Legoux, “Long-term Effect of Signaling Quality during a Product Recall on Firm Value”, forthcoming
  • Purmehdi, M., R. Legoux, F. Carrillat, S. Senecal, “Can Doctors and Behaviorists Sit at One Table? A Meta-Analytic Comparison of the Warning Labels’ Effectiveness in Social Sciences and Medical Science”, forthcoming
  • Purmehdi, M., “Socially-driven Warning Labels”, consumer behaviour experiment, experimental design in progress.