Finance and Management
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Superior, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Finance and Management
Involvement: Leeds Ambassadors, Delta Sigma Pi, Multicultural Business Student Association, Diverse Scholars Program, Residence Hall Association
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Grocery Shopping, Eating, Exploring

Leeds Scholars is the reason I chose to attend CU over the University of Washington or Oregon. I wrote many pro and con lists, but neither of the other universities offered an intensive business experience for freshman that involved overseas/international travel. The scholarship is funding a significant amount of my education, but the benefits retained from exposure to other students in the program, as well as professional events, leadership opportunities, and volunteering are worth even more, and hold the most benefit for me. Through Leeds Scholars, and simply exposure to the business school, I have built a network of personal and professional connections, not just with students, but with professors, faculty, mentors, and guest speakers. Leeds Scholars events have helped launch my professional career and connected me to activities that interest me and make me feel like a part of the community.