Finance and Marketing
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Finance and Marketing
Involvement: Leeds Undergraduate Impact Counseling Group, Swing Dance Club, Entrepreneurship Club
Hobbies: Music, swing dance, salsa dancing, snowboarding, painting, singing bad musicals with my roommate, designing various contraptions in the hallways with my friends using rolling chairs and longboards

Leeds Scholars seemed like a great way to get to know motivated students in the business school and explore different aspects of the business world. I am INCREDIBLY happy that I was selected for this program. It has helped me target my passions and develop a goal for how I want to apply my business education in the future. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with CEOs and representatives from various companies. I'm not sure if I would have descovered my passion for impact investment and social enterprise work had it not been for this program and the people it has introduced me to. I think It's easy to feel overwhelmed in a school the size of CU. Leeds Scholars helps immensly to make that size more manageable. It has also done a great job of taking the material we learn in class and enlivening it. I love seeing how my Intro to Business class applies to real situations!!