Investing In Your Graduate Education

The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder is proud to be a world-class research institution—vigorous in its pursuit of new knowledge, great scholarship, and service to the public and to the world. And we are excited to have you become part of our programs. The following information and resources are intended to help you understand the financial aspects to a graduate degree at the Leeds School of Business so you can make informed decisions about your investment and your future.

Please contact Leeds Graduate Programs Office if we can provide any clarifications or assistance as you consider taking the next step in your professional future and life. We are pleased to offer numerous scholarship opportunities for our graduate students. As funds are limited, we advise you to apply early.

We encourage you to review the information below and find out which opportunities are available for your program of interest.

Scholarship Opportunities 2023-2024

All applicants are considered for merit scholarships by the admissions committee. A list of the generous donors and scholarships you will automatically be considered for are listed below.

Alteryx Analytics Graduate MS Business Scholarship Fund: Alteryx offers awards to top MS Business Analytics students.

Anne Dupont Endowed Scholarship: Gives preference to graduate students who are active in the Office of Diversity Affairs or End the Gap programming. Scholarships are awarded for one year and are potentially renewable.

Barney and Julie Feinblum Endowed Scholarship

Beeson Entrepreneurial Scholarship: To provide graduate fellowships to entrepreneurship students.

Brindley Memorial Fellowship: MBA student scholarships for students intending to focus in the area of Real Estate. Recipient should be in strong academic standing.

Capstone:  Provides graduate scholarships for Full Time MBA students pursuing Real Estate.

Coolidge Fellowship: This scholarship, offered in honor of Lawrence Coolidge, who served the University of Colorado for 27 years, including serving as the Dean of the School of Business from 1957-1963, is to provide tuition assistance for students pursuing graduate degrees and awarded to students on the basis of their scholarship, then on the basis of need.

Conscience Bay Company Endowed Graduate Scholarship: Provides graduate scholarships for MBA students with a focus on Real Estate. Preference given to students who are actively involved in the Office of Diversity Affairs or End the Gap programming.

Daniel A. Kind Fellowship: To provide scholarships to MBA students who have earned an undergraduate degree in a recognized engineering discipline with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Dennis & Judy Nock Fellowship: Following a successful career in business, Dennis served as the founding director of the Robert H. and Beverly A. Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at Leeds. This scholarship is to provide fellowships to MBA students who have an entrepreneurship emphasis and are strongly inclined toward future new venture/entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Engebretson Fellowship: The purpose of this scholarship is to assist students earning a graduate degree and it will be awarded to a recipient based on outstanding academic and professional achievements, who is enrolled in the full-time MBA Program.

Fishman-Taniguchi Scholarship

Frank and Gina Day Fellowship: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide graduate scholarship awards to students pursuing entrepreneurship.

Gabrielle Hutter Memorial Fellowship: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide support to incoming MBA students who intend to focus on entrepreneurship. 

Gary Woods Endowed Scholarship: To provide scholarships to MBA students with a 3.5 overall GPA from their undergraduate institution. Scholarship recipients should maintain this GPA in order to remain eligible. Preference is given to students studying Real Estate and or with demonstrated financial need.

Glenn Scholarship

Gould Scholarship

Harry Trueblood Fellowship: This scholarship will be awarded to students pursuing entrepreneurship, and who are U.S. Citizens.

Harwood Memorial Scholarship: To provide scholarships to students enrolled in real estate courses. Preference will be given to applicants demonstrating academic success with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Jane S. Miller Entrepreneurial Leaders Scholarship: Preference for this award goes to students who participate in the Watson Institute Experience where next generation entrepreneurial leaders can find their community and accelerate their careers.

Leeds Board Diversity Equity & Inclusion Scholarship: The purpose of this scholarship is to support graduate students from underrepresented communities at the Leeds School of Business. 

Leeds-Delgado Celebrating Las Diferencias Graduate Scholarship: To provide graduate scholarship awards for full-time, part-time, one-year masters and hybrid students with preference towards students who have participated in End the Gap or other gender equity programming, students with a demonstrated interest or intended career path in humane education and/or sustainability and students who are vegans or interested in plant-based eating.

Martin F. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Fund for MS in Supply Chain Management: Martin F. Schmidt Memorial offers awards to top MS Supply Chain students.

McCollum HGV Scholarship: To provide scholarship awards for students enrolled in the full-time MBA program. Preference will be given to students interested in participating in the High-Growth Ventures MBA track or with high interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. Scholarships will be awarded for one academic year and may be renewable based on criteria established by the University.

Olson Entrepreneurial Scholarship: Scholarships will benefit MBA students who are pursuing an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Recipients should express strong interest in becoming part of the business world. Preference is given to students who participated in the CU-Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program.

Prosky Family Scholarship for MS in Real Estate: Prosky offers scholarships to top MS Real Estate students.

Puerner Scholarship:  For students pursuing a part-time MBA program.

Pyle Family STEM Graduate Scholarship: To provide scholarship awards to students pursuing a masters degree or MBA. Preference given to students who completed an undergraduate degree in a STEM field.

Ray and Judy Smilor Entrepreneurial Fellowship: To provide a yearly fellowship to an MBA student focusing in entrepreneurship.

Robert C. Kyle Fellowship: This fellowship is awarded to MBA students who exhibit a strong interest in the field of entrepreneurship.

Salim Scholarship

Susan K. Bunker Memorial Scholarship: For students pursuing an Executive MBA with financial need, as demonstated by FAFSA.

Tisone Endowed Scholarship

Weatherup Family MBA Scholarship: To provide scholarship awards for students enrolled in an MBA program. 


Special Scholarships with additional requirements

The Leeds School of Business offers scholarships that require a separate application, consisting of an essay submission. To apply, you must first have an active Leeds Graduate Application. More information and the specific essay prompt for each scholarship will be available later this fall in the application and the application status portal.

The Leeds School of Business recommends that eligible students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In situations where need is a requirement for scholarship consideration, FAFSA will be consulted.

Barney Ford Diversity Scholarship*: Created to increase student diversity in the MBA program. Provides additional scholarship support to students from diverse backgrounds thereby enhancing the quality and variety of the program discourse. This award is funded by contributions from current students, faculty, staff, and alumni through an annual spring semester fundraising event. Open to incoming Full-Time, Evening and Hybrid MBA students. Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

Gender Equity and Leadership*: Leeds offers one scholarship covering full tuition for a Full-Time MBA student who shows exceptional leadership in creating gender equity within the business world and in the workplace. Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

High Growth Venture Fellowship*: The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship offers a High Growth Venture Fellowship that requires a separate application. A link to the application can be found on the Deming Center’s website. Applications due by February 1, 2024.

Hummel Family Foundation Graduate Scholarship*: This fund provides financial support for incoming graduate students at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. Applicants must demonstrate serious financial need to be considered for this award.  You must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for need-based award consideration (US. Citizens or Permanent Residents only) no later than March 1st.  Executive MBA applicants are not eligible. Preference will be given to previous Federal Pell Grant recipients.  Applications from previous Hummel recipients will be prioritized.  Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

James H. Woods Jr. Endowed Scholarship*:  Students planning to pursue the Natural & Organics pathway in the Full-Time MBA program. Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

Mel and Marcy Balaguer Scholarship*: This fund will be used to provide scholarship support to underrepresented students. Underrepresented students include those students from socioeconomic backgrounds who are historically underrepresented in the field of business, and/or students who have faced unusual adversity. Scholarships will be awarded for up to two years if the students remain in good academic standing. Financial need will be considered in the awarding of these scholarships. Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

Nobue Katsushige Trafton Memorial Scholarship*: Nobue Katsushige Trafton, a Japanese-American women who was a strong proponent of education. She originally wanted to be in a medical field but could not afford the cost of her education. In memorial, this scholarship is intended for students who have the desire for, but not the means to pursue a graduate degree. Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

Rebecca Adamson Indigenous Rights & Business Scholarship*: Supports increasing awareness and positive action for Indigenous Peoples rights. This scholarship is open to incoming full-time MBA students or part-time MBA students who belong to a federally recognized American Indian tribe or who demonstrate a commitment to American Indian communities. Separate essay due by February 1, 2024.

Teaching & Research Assistantships

Leeds School of Business does not offer teaching or research assistantships for first-year MBA students. Second-year students who have established high levels of achievement in their core courses may be chosen by faculty for paid teaching assistantships or research positions.

Federal Loans

Eligible MBA students may apply for federal financial aid in the form of student loans. To apply, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The priority deadline for financial aid consideration at the University of Colorado at Boulder is March 1. For more information contact the Office of Financial Aid at 303-492-5091, or by email at

Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loans are fixed-rate student loans for graduate students who are attending a college or university at least part-time. Eligible graduate students may borrow Direct Unsubsidized Loans that have a loan limit of $20,500 per year and a (current) fixed interest rate of 5.28% after 7-1-2021.

Graduate Plus Loans

Graduate PLUS student loans are also unsubsidized and require a credit check. The yearly limit on a Graduate PLUS Loan is equal to your cost of attendance minus any other financial aid you receive. Graduate PLUS loans have a current fixed interest rate of 6.28% after 7-1-2021.

Private Loans

For students who are not eligible for federal loans (e.g., international students), or for students who need additional assistance beyond the federal loan programs, there are a variety of private lenders who offer loan options for graduate studies. More information on international student loans and graduate financial aid is available at:

Tuition Estimates by Program based on Academic Year 2023-2024

Full Time MBA Year 1 Year 2 Fees Total   Evening/Hybrid MBA 42 credits   Executive MBA 45 credits
Resident 37,777 18,378 3,728 $59,883     Total     Total
Non-Resident 50,337 18,378* 3,728 $72,443   Per Semester $9,900   Per Semester $22,250
International 50,420 24,534 3,928 $78,882  

Total Tuition


  Total Tuition $89,000


MS Business Analytics
MS Supply Chain Management


MS Finance
MS Real Estate

33 credits Tuition Fees Total   30 credits Tuition Fees Total
Resident $36,995 $2,116 $39,111  


$35,484 $1,612 $37,076
Non-Resident $51,776 $2,116 $53,892   Non-Resident $47,402 $1,612 $49,014
International $51,859 $2,236 $54,095   International $47,485 $1,692 $49,177


Estimated 12-Month Living Expenses
Room & Board (assumes off-campus) $17,046 Rent, Utilities and Food
Books & Supplies 1,200  
Transportation 2,252  
Medical 3,150  
Personal 1,610 Miscellaneous
Total $25,258 Registrar cited costs

Tuition and fees are just one part of the overall cost to attend CU Boulder. The full cost of attendance for an academic year could include expenses such as on-campus housing and food, books and supplies, and items that are not billed by the university, such as personal expenses, transportation and medical expenses. View the full cost of attendance.