Lynette Gillis
Dean, College of Business
Concordia University Texas

Gillis began at Concordia in 2008, where she was a full-time assistant professor of management, specializing in international business, leadership and strategic management. Additionally, as director of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, Gillis worked to ensure that the program’s quality, growth and improvements provide a robust and relevant curriculum in the College of Business.

In addition to her role as full-time professor, Gillis served as the chair of the general education committee and the faculty welfare committee. Gillis also oversaw the Business Thrivent Scholars Program and is involved with the Ethics in Business and Community Awards for the Greater Austin area.

In her role as dean, Gillis oversees the College of Business operations and academic processes, as well as provides leadership and oversight to its graduate and undergraduate programs for all locations, including the main campus, remote centers and online. Gillis manages the College of Business Speaker Series, a monthly event that provides students with opportunities to hear and learn from a variety of successful business professionals who model leadership and ethical values, as well as oversees the College of Business budgets.

Gillis, who has a doctorate in management from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as undergraduate degrees in economics and human resource management from Baylor University, lives in Austin with her husband and four children.