Mostafa Purmehdi

Koelbel - 402F

In the capacity of a marketing faculty at Leeds School of Business, I am currently focused on three goals: (1) revising and teaching the Buyer Behavior undergraduate course (MKTG 3250) and (2) supervising our CU-AMA Career Club and (3) contributing to LEEDS MOOC online learning initiative. In the past year, our CU-AMA chapter was nationally recognized (3rd place in the 2019 Winter AMA Competition across all American b-schools.) I also teach Marketing Intelligence to MS Business Analytics students and Core Marketing module for the EvMBA program.

In spring 2019, I will be teaching:

  • MKTG 3250 Buyer Behavior
  • MBAX 6330 Market Intelligence

I am also a fellow at CU Boulder's Centre for Ethics and Social Responsibility (CESR). I previously ran a management consulting business and co-founded a mutual fund in the Middle East market and was a member of the Iranian envoy to Turkey in CSR related educational initiatives.

As an academic researcher, my research interests are in the areas of:

  • Marketing Strategy: How do short- and long-term marketing ramifications affect strategic corporate decisions? (studying customer revenge, product recalls, warning labels)  
  • Public Policy and CSR: How are state-of-the-art technologies like blockchain, Ai and algorithm-based marketing changing theory and practice of CSR and governance?
  • Global Marketing: How do global marketing strategies affect corporate wellbeing? (studying offshoring practices and country of origin)
  • Digital Marketing: To what extent are customer decisions affected by ethnicity of the avatar serving them? (studying e-commerce bots and avatars)

Contact me or review my CV to learn more about my current and future research projects.

My recent publication entitled “The Effectiveness of Warning Labels for Consumers: A Meta-Analytic Investigation into Their Underlying Process and Contingencies” is available in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing (JPPM). Read here

Upcoming papers:

  • Rohani, Mina, M. Purmehdi, N. Shahrasbi, “Consumers’ Revenge Behaviors & Self-Determination Theory”, first revise & resubmit at the Journal of Consumer Marketing.
  • Purmehdi, M., S. Eskandari, “Where CSR meets blockchain: How blockchain may potentially change theory and practice of corporate social responsibility?”, submitted to CESC 2019, UC Berkeley.
  • Eskandari S., A. Brody, M. Purmehdi, “Bluff Mail: Sextortion, Bomb Threats and Other Mass Swindles in the Digital Age”, submitted to CESC 2019, UC Berkeley.
  • Gupta, Rishab, Mostafa Purmehdi, “Studying the Attributes of Packaging Size Decision in FMCG Using Conjoint Analysis: Value for Money”, work in progress, target publication: European Journal of International Marketing.
  • Purmehdi, M., “The Effect of Country of Origin on the Relationship between Product Recalls and Firm Value”, under peer review at International Marketing Review.
  • Purmehdi, M., “Long-term Effect of Signaling Quality during a Product Recall on Firm Value”, idiosyncratic risk analysis, work in progress, target publication: International Marketing Review.
  • Purmehdi, M., R. Legoux, F. Carrillat, S. Senecal, “Can Doctors and Behavioral Scientist Sit at One Table Together? A Comparison of Meta-Analytic Studies of Warning Labels in Social Sciences and Medical Science”, work in progress, target publication: Journal of Health Communications.
  • Purmehdi, M., N. Shahrasbi, “Digital Warning Labels”, conceptual paper, work in progress, target publication: Journal of Business Ethics.