Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
Academic Area of Focus: Finance
Involvement: CU Triatholon Team, Alpha Phi Sorority, Buffalo Awakening Church Retreat Staff, Leeds Scholars
​Hobbies: Outdoor Sports, Art, Traveling

The most important thing I have gained through Leeds Scholars is a community of equally high-powered individuals that have become friends for life.  This program has succeeded in connecting the business school's best and set us up to pull each other toward success.  It is truly thanks to the Leeds Scholars that I have made the most of my professional development  and enrichment opportunities at CU, taking advantage of speakers and workshops that  broaden my horizons.  There are Leeds Scholars in each of my classes who make for reliable study partners and project teams.  Leeds Scholars has experienced a drop rate of 0%, and I struggle to imagine how different my college experience would be without it.