Kun Zhang
PhD - Student
Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations

Koebel 103


Kun Zhang is a doctoral candidate in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research interests revolve around technological innovation and corporate strategy choices, drawing upon the perspectives of knowledge-based view and information economics. Specifically, Zhang’s first stream of research and dissertation focuses on knowledge worker mobility as a means of external knowledge acquisition in the context of interfirm partnership. Zhang’s second stream of research looks at macroeconomic conditions of innovation, where he specialize in the patent examination procedures in China and its implications for research policy and innovation scholars. Recent projects are on inventor mobility, collaborative strategies, and applications of information economics to various problems in strategy, international business, and entrepreneurship. His most recent paper published in Research Policy studies the determinants of the duration and outcomes of patent examination using a novel SIPO data set.

Before joining the PhD program at Leeds School of Business, Zhang has already demonstrated his research interests in studying strategy and entrepreneurship. He obtained a master degree in management science at the London School of Economics and Political Science in UK, where he has conducted research on open innovation, behavioral economics, and decision sciences. His current research topics include information economics, property rights and contracts theory, as well as applied econometrics at the University of Colorado Boulder. Additionally, Zhang is a member of Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society.

In terms of teaching, Kun Zhang has led courses and seminars on business and corporate strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship in several undergraduate degree programs. He is the recipient of the 2017 PhD Teaching Award at the Leeds School of Business, and he now serves on the PhD Teaching Award Committee at the Leeds School of Business.