Business Open-Option
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Louisville, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Business - Open Option
Involvement: Presidents Leadership Class, Leeds Scholars, Merge Bible Study
​Hobbies: Biking, Running, Reading, Hiking

I was invited to a spring football game in a suite by the Leeds Scholars group. At the time, I was still deciding between universities. However, the dean (David Ikenberry) arrived and after speaking with him my mind was made up. It meant so much to me to hear that the Leeds Scholars group and the Dean were invested in my future and were willing to work by my side to ensure that I am successful at CU. I felt like I wouldn't just be another number in a crowd at a big school, but that I could make a name for myself at CU. Leeds Scholars gave me 35 close friends that gave me a sense of belonging to CU Boulder. Leeds Scholars has been one of the best things to happen to me because it has made me want to go above and behond my comfort zone and take on new opportunites!