Operations Management
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Castle Pines, Colorado
Academic Area of focus: Operations Management
Involvement: Leeds Ambassadors, Leeds Scholars
Hobbies: Tumbling, Country Music Concerts

I originally chose to participate in the Leeds Scholars program because I saw it as an opportunity to get involved in the business school and surround myself with like-minded students who are striving for success. Thus far, I am so appreciative to have found a great, tight-knit community of classmates, countless opportunities to become even more involved in the school and community, and exposure to networks of professionals. This program made my tansition from living at home in California to living independently in Colorado much easier and a fantastic adventure. Due to this program, and the opportunities it provides such as studying abroad, access to exceptional mentors and role models, and several other opportunities at my fingertips, my experience at CU has been nothing but amazing,