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PhD - Student
Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations

Koelbel 473


Jing is a third-year PhD student in strategy and entrepreneurship. Her research explores the interaction between businesses and other players in the society. One strand of her research investigates the interplay between firms and politicians/legislators/regulators, who influence the “rules of the game”  and hence how businesses are done. Jing also writes about the pro-social behavior of businesses, trying to understand the business logic of seemingly non-business practices and their social impacts. 

Born in a small city in Southwest China to liberal parents, Jing grew up playing mud and climbing mountains. She got her bachelor’s degrees (B. Eng. in urban planning /B.A. in economics) from Peking University, and her master’s degree (M.A. in urban planning) from University of California Los Angeles. Prior to joining Leeds, Jing worked different roles in private and public sectors in China and the U.S.. 

Jing enjoys nature and sports. In her leisure time, you will often find her hiking, biking, swimming, or doing yoga somewhere.