Jing Deng
PhD - Student
Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations

Jing is a PhD candidate in strategy and entrepreneurship. Her research interest lies at the intersection of business and society. Prior to her PhD study, Jing was trained extensively in economic geography. In her research, Jing leverages her economic geography background to explore geography-related business questions. For example, in one project, she investigates the location strategy of public firms in the U.S. and finds that firms facing high firm-specific political risk are more likely to be headquartered in Washington, D.C. Moreover, firms headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area are more likely to engage in a relational approach to political strategy. In another project, she investigates the relocation of startups and high-growth ventures, seeking to understand why certain ventures relocate and consequences of relocation (for both the ventures and regions).

Born in a small city in Southwest China to liberal parents, Jing grew up playing mud and climbing mountains. She also read a lot. Jing got her bachelor’s degrees (B. Eng. in urban and regional planning & B.A. in economics) from Peking University, and her master’s degree (M.A. in urban and regional planning) from University of California Los Angeles. Prior to joining Leeds, she worked in private and public sectors in China and the United States.

Jing enjoys nature, exercise, reading, cooking, caring for the community, making friends, and art. In her leisure time, you may find her hiking, swimming, practicing yoga, cooking with friends, caring for the community, or painting.