Finance and Accounting
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Greenwood Village, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Finance and Accounting
Involvement: Real Estate Club, Leeds Ambassadors, Leeds Scholars
Hobbies: Golf, Mountain Biking, Skiing, running, Fly Fishing

For me, LS has been an incredible experience and has positively impacted my exposure to the business world and has helped me to grow as a person. LS is an unbelievable program… It has allowed me to meet 25 of my closest friends, while furthering my business interests. As I help to grow the program through my role as a Student Driver, I try to shape the program with the idea that I want to build a program that I will donate both my time and money to in the future. Further, LS is a program that allows both collaboration and an open environment that invites student opinions. Due to the fact that we have been in existence for only 18 months, we are able to help to shape the future of the program. Also, LS has paired down the business school into a much smaller community. LS is similar to a small fraternity or sorority as we grow as a group. I can't imagine where I would be without the experiences I have been exposed to through Leeds Scholars.