Accounting and Finance
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Erie, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Accounting and Finance
Involvement: Leeds Council, Leeds RAP, YAMS, Delta Sigma Pi
Hobbies: Volleyball

Leeds Scholars is a large reason why I chose to attend CU Boulder. When touring universities, I was seeking strong programs that really focus developing students professionally and personally.  Within Leeds Scholars, I saw very involved, passionate, and high-achieving students that all brought unique perspectives and strengths.  In the last year and a half, I have met some of the most hard-working, intelligent, and driven individuals.  I have worked with those individuals, became friends with those students, and ultimately developed a strong connection with a group that continuously motivates me to improve myself.  Leeds Scholars has not only developed me professionally through  real-world experiences and projects, but it has also developed me personally by inspiring me and providing me with the environment and resources I need to really achieve anything I wish.