Partners in Business Ethics Conference,  Greg Marchi
Chief Representative-Americas
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Management

As Chief Representative of Americas, Greg is responsible for leading the efforts to grow CKGSB's business in North and South America. Since its founding ten years ago, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) has been committed to first-class executive education that looks into how China is shaping the future of business and how leaders from around the globe, whether in business or government, can best engage with the world’s most dynamic economy.

As the premier independent business school in China, CKGSB offers unique knowledge and insights on doing business with China, delivered by renowned faculty conversant in both Western and Eastern business practices. With an alumni base comprising many of the most prominent business leaders in China, including 2500 CEOs of leading companies in China, CKGSB also provides unparalleled opportunities for Western business executives participating in our programs to network with influential Chinese executives.

2015 Partners in Business in Business Ethics Conference

Corporate leaders consistently emphasize the importance of ethics and integrity in the workplace. This conference provides one of the only opportunities available for corporate leaders to play a critical role in discussing and refining the business ethics education provided at top schools around the country. Are you eager to learn more about the Partners in Business Ethics Conference? Click here for more information.