Program Details:

When: August 20th - 24th, 2018 - one week before the fall semester begins, every day from 8:30 AM to 6 PM.
Offered: by Leeds School of Business, Division of Management
Sponsored by: CU Leeds, CU Career Services, and CU Office of International Education.
Faculty: CU faculty, companies’ representatives, and industry experts
Special Guest Speakers: Stacie Berdan (International Careers Expert & Author), Ryan McMunn (Global Entrepreneur) and Cynthia Banks (Global Entrepreneur)
Target: the program is open to all CU students (all the three campuses, whether they are undergraduate or graduate). Applicants from other universities can apply as well and will be accepted only if seats are available. The highest learning curve is for students who are sophomore when the program begins (they are freshmen this year). Juniors and seniors will incredibly benefit as well from the program. Graduate students too will have a chance to apply their experience and direct it towards an international career.
Cost: TBD
Scholarships Available: TBD
Academic Director & Program Coordinator: Antonio Papuzza - or
Payment: TBD
Important: In order to be formally enrolled and be accepted into the Go Global Boot Camp program, you must make the payment by the deadline as stated above. Until you have paid in full, you will not be accepted into the Boot Camp.


Go Global Boot Camp
Certificate in Managing Global Competencies
Your Road Map to Work Internationally

Go Global Boot Camp Payment Form

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Vision and Mission

Preparing students for the current global job market, whether abroad or in the US, through the delivery of a one week intensive learning experience that teaches students how to develop global competencies, provides them with a strategic job-search toolkit, and with a clear plan about their future career in a job market shaped by international forces. 


Going global is not an option, it is an imperative. Thanks to globalization, the line between domestic and international work and business is becoming thinner and thinner. Whether you plan to work in the US or abroad, it is required that you develop some global competencies in order to keep up with how globalization has changed the way the job market and careers work. The ability to work effectively in a multicultural context, whether in the US or abroad, has become a must and so is the ability to manage a career shaped by international forces.

In Theory

In regards to domestic jobs, it is critical to learn what will keep you employable in the long term in a culturally diverse and always changing working environment. In regards to international jobs, this means to prepare in a completely different way compared to domestic jobs. As a matter of fact, the rules to follow in order to land an international work opportunity are very different.

In every job market, cultural differences play a critical role in how to look for a job, then how to apply, and finally, how to win the competition. In order to get ready for an international position, it has become a must to understand the nature of international work and the type of capabilities/experience required, to use the expected documents, and finally to be able to successfully navigate through the recruitment and hiring process.

In Practice

This one week intensive program has been designed precisely to help students with their international careers. Students will acquire the knowledge about international markets and opportunities, will be provided with actual tools to land a job, and will learn what it takes to plan their personalized strategy to go to work abroad. The ultimate goal is to help students to prepare for their desired international career. A team of experts will train and guide students through the preparation of a professional portfolio that they present the last day. The team of experts is composed by CU faculty, professional from different industries, specialists in intercultural business communication, professionals from different countries, and organizations that provide and facilitate internships and job opportunities abroad.


All the students will be coached every day for an hour (at the beginning and/or end of each day). The coaching sessions are meant to help all the participants to integrate and digest the different pieces of work each day, to make sure that each student understands the purpose and structure of each assignment. This coaching part helps participants to get in touch with their inner motives and to gain clarity on their international career choices based on their personal and professional vision. In this way, participants are empowered to manage their talents and career in a healthier way. All the coaching and facilitation during the program, is provided by Antonio Papuzza. Students can also meet with Antonio for follow up coaching sessions (up to (2) one-hour coaching sessions per student during the following two semesters after the end of the program). Sessions are included in the cost of the program and should be scheduled directly with Antonio with at least two weeks notice. Other opportunities for coaching sessions may be available via other offices on campus that are Leeds partners for the certificate.


"This program really opened my eyes to a whole world of opportunities and gave me some incredible tools and connections that I can use to launch my global career. Our speakers were so inspirational and had incredible insight about the global business world, and made the program an amazing experience! I would recommend this certificate to any student who is serious about finding an international job or who wants to increase their cultural intelligence to become more capable of working with people from around the world." - Andrea Arreguin

You will be learning what you need to do to land a job abroad in different regions of the planet through a series of practical workshops taught by the best of Leeds and other CU faculty, in collaboration with specialist and experts from the field. This is the content of the one week boot camp:

  1. Globalization
  2. Working in the Global Economy
  3. Value of Going Global
  4. Global Competencies
  5. Three Capitals of Global Mindset
  6. Strategies to Go Global
  7. Cultural component of the international working environment
  8. Cultural Dimensions and Cultural Intelligence
  9. How to convert your Resume into an international CV
  10. International job Opportunities
  11. Finding a job in:
    - Latin America
    - Europe
    - Middle East
    - Asia
    - Africa 
  12. Preparation of an International Cover Letter
  13. Culture Shock Management
  14. Intercultural Business Communication
  15. International Business Etiquette
  16. Personal Branding
  17. Global Strategies for Job Search
  18. Global Networking and Opportunities
  19. Preparing for International Interviews
  20. Graduate Strategies
  21. Entrepreneurship and Africa and more
  22. Global Strategies

At the end of each day, you have to prepare a deliverable:

- a plan for developing your global mindset
- an international cover letter
- an international resume
- a background to ace an international job interview
- a strategy for landing a job in the country/market that you desire

The last day of the program, you will turn in your portfolio (a collection of all the documents above), present in front of a team of judges (international career experts and professionals from industries), and receive feedback and critique on the feasibility and effectiveness of your plan. Once your plan has been proved feasible, you can use it immediately to land a job abroad!

  1. You should apply because landing a job abroad, and more generally, to start an international career is not a linear, clear path, at least compared to other career paths. Students who have tried to do it on their own have much less chances than the ones who actually learn the “science behind it.”
  2. You should apply because there are many smart foxes out there who are trying to get a job abroad and start an international career. Without learning these skills and tools, they will get ahead of you and get the job or position that you want.
  3. You should apply because you will receive a certificate in “Managing Global Competences for International Careers.” This is one more accomplishment that you can use to show your employer that you are the one to hire and to promote to the next level, whether this is abroad or in the US.

  1. Cost - TBD

  2. If you do the math, this is not a lot of money, compared to all that you have spent so far to get a global business certificate, to take international classes, to go study abroad, and most of the other things you may have done so far.
  3. Apply now to qualify for the best scholarship. Use the link below: