This webpage provides statistics for per-capita productivity of business schools in 24 leading journals covered by the University of Texas at Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings in 2015–2018. (Please see list below). 

The UTD rankings measure total output not correcting for tenure-track faculty size. In order to understand differences among schools in average productivity of the faculty, we produced a set of “per-capita” publication statistics for the top 100 schools in the UTD rankings. First, we used a method emulating UTD to obtain a total score for school X. We then divided that score by the number of tenure-track faculty listed on the school’s website in spring of 2018. 

We provide per-capita rankings using two different methods to count the number of tenure-track faculty in the denominator of the ratio score/number of tenure-track faculty.


CU Boulder's Leeds School of Business
World per capita UTD ranking