Liu Liu research on brand images and social media

New Research Highlights Powerful Insights for Brands From Consumer-Created Visual Images on Instagram

Oct. 19, 2020

Historically, social media listening has relied on text-centric posts to provide insights into consumer behavior and preferences, but that is no longer the case. Instagram’s popularity has soared in recent years, and its consumer-created image-dominant posts are just one example of how photos and other visual imagery are replacing text-centric...

AMCIS award

Leeds Faculty Receive Best Paper Award at AMCIS 2020

Sept. 9, 2020

Study on machine learning and graphical aids for understanding attitudes and beliefs recognized at leading information systems conference. Getty images Associate Professor Kai Larsen and Assistant Professor David Eargle , along with Provost Distinguished Research Professor David Gefen from Drexel University and Professor Stacie Petter from Baylor University, received the...

Research Highlights Underlying Partisanship Driving Stock Market Optimism Text Block

Research Highlights Underlying Partisanship Driving Stock Market Optimism

Aug. 10, 2020

In the working paper “Does Partisanship Shape Investor Beliefs? Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic” Associate Professor Tony Cookson and researchers from the Rady School of Management investigate the link between political affiliation and expectations about future stock market performance. Researchers Joey Engelberg and Will Mullins, along with Cookson analyzed approximately...

 Perceived momentum influences responsibility judgments

Research by Assistant Professor Nicholas Reinholtz Published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology

Aug. 1, 2020

Leeds’ Assistant Professor Nicholas Reinholtz, in collaboration with professors from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Georgia Institute of Technology, published a recent paper titled Perceived Momentum Influences Responsibility Judgments . Their research studies how people judge the responsibility of sequential events, such as correct and incorrect guesses,...


New Research Addresses the Impact of Crisis On Innovation

June 24, 2020

It’s both destructive and creative. New research by Assistant Professor Asaf Bernstein and colleagues from Columbia Business School and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management address the effect of financial crises on innovative activity by examining historical patent filings across the U.S. The group studied the impact and resilience of...

FARS award displayed as spreadsheet on computer screen

Leeds’ Accounting Professors Win Best Paper Award

June 22, 2020

Leeds Accounting Professors, Jonathan Rogers and Sarah Zechman’s, paper “Run EDGAR Run: SEC Dissemination in a High-Frequency World” was selected to receive the 2020 Financial Accounting and Reporting Section Best Paper Award by the American Accounting Association. In the paper, Rogers and Zechman collaborate with the University of Chicago's Douglas...

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Leeds Highlights Top Faculty Research With Kahle Family Research Award

May 18, 2020

Faculty research plays a critical role in building a top business school. When a journal article is very successful, it influences how academics think about a topic and changes how people in industry and government think, too. But the impact does not stop there; this work inspires curriculum and, more...

satellite to represent award to Mark Meaney

Leeds and Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Receive RIO Grant to Study Space and Sustainability

May 7, 2020

As the number of nations and businesses across sectors look outward to space for new opportunities — and commercial space activities grow — the sustainability of space exploration is more important than ever. According to Mark Meaney , scholar-in-residence for the Division of Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) , as...

Finance in the cloud online conference image

New Virtual Conferences Fill Void for Up-and-Coming Finance Researchers

March 31, 2020

Conference cancellations and postponements in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak are creating a chasm for academic researchers. Gone are the in-person opportunities for faculty—especially untenured faculty—to exchange ideas, workshop their research papers and engage in thoughtful dialogue. But not for long. Tony Cookson , Associate Professor of Finance and...

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Leeds' Professor and Phd Student Provide Commentary in Psychological Inquiry

March 9, 2020

Invited response in Psychological Inquiry by Philip M. Fernbach and Nick Light Human beings have a remarkable penchant for believing things that are not true. This has always been the case. Ancients believed in nature deities, bloodletting was thought to cure disease for many centuries, and physiognomy, the belief that...