Data targeting Rico Bambuca

Making Better Use of Big Data in Marketing

May 6, 2021

Leeds professor earns Kahle award for algorithm aimed at improved targeting. A paper aimed at helping businesses better target consumers through personalized advertising of curated products is this year’s winner of the Kahle Family Research Award at Leeds. Rico Bumbaca , an assistant professor of marketing at Leeds, is the...

Tony Tong research

How Digital Platforms Can Orchestrate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Through Access Control

April 30, 2021

Entrepreneurs and startups are increasingly turning to digital platforms nowadays, whether it is about creating a new platform (think Snapchat or TikTok), or providing product offerings and soliciting ideas on an existing platform. Entrepreneurs and startups are increasingly turning to digital platforms nowadays, whether it is about creating a new...

M porter

Fireside Chat with Michael Porter – Moderated by Tony Tong

April 28, 2021

World-renowned expert talks political deadlock and analytical advances in virtual talk with Leeds community

Is China Emerging as the Global Leader in AI?

Is China Emerging as the Global Leader in AI?

Feb. 18, 2021

Harvard Business Review by Daitian Li, Tony W. Tong, and Yangao Xiao Tony W. Tong, a professor of strategy & entrepreneurship in the Leeds School of Business, co-authored an article discussing China’s stunning progress in the AI industry. However, according to Tong and his co-authors, the conditions that helped China...

Jeff York study on leadership

Authenticity is Key Factor in Founders’ Sustainable Startups

Jan. 5, 2021

A strong sense of self is a positive indicator in the future growth, success and sustainability of entrepreneurial ventures, new research shows. A recent study by Leeds Associate Professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, Jeff York and co-authors Isobel O'Neila, associate professor in entrepreneurship and innovation from the Nottingham University Business...


New Research by Dr. Diego Garcia Selected as Editor’s Choice in Leading Financial Journal

Nov. 10, 2020

Garcia’s study was chosen for its significant contribution to the study of finance. Burridge Endowed Chair in Finance Dr. Diego Garcia’s Asymmetric Information and the Pecking (Dis)Order will be featured as Editor’s Choice in The Review in Finance, a leading academic journal recognized for publishing cutting-edge research on financial economics...

Joe Gladstone Research

Gladstone’s Research on Beliefs, Spending and Wealth Accepted by the Journal of Consumer Research

Nov. 10, 2020

Assistant Professor Joe Gladstone and co-authors Dr. Heather Kappes of the London School of Economics and Dr. Hal Hershfield of UCLA’s Anderson School of Business recently had their new paper " Beliefs About Whether Spending Implies Wealth, " accepted by the Journal of Consumer Research . According to the authors,...

Jeff Reuer

Reuer Elected Deputy Dean of Fellows for the Strategic Management Society

Nov. 10, 2020

Leading scholar of management theory and innovation set to lead prestigious organization after selection from peers. Dr. Jeffrey J. Reuer, Guggenheim Endowed Chair and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship was elected to serve as the next Deputy Dean of the Fellows of the Strategic Management Society (SMS) during the SMS’...

Fake news

New Study Examines How Fake News Impacts Consumer Behavior

Oct. 22, 2020

Life during COVID-19 leaves consumers feeling conflicted between saving for uncertainty or spending for reward. It is no surprise that consumer purchasing activity would be impacted by the economic uncertainty created during a global pandemic. Concerns about financial security versus “compensatory consumption” during times of crisis are expected and often...

stef johnson nasa award hubble space command center

Associate Professor Stefanie K. Johnson Receives Prestigious Agency Honor Award From NASA

Oct. 20, 2020

Johnson’s work on bringing diversity into the workplace disrupted hiring practices at NASA’s Hubble Telescope—virtually eliminating interviewer bias and increasing the number of diverse hires in a traditionally masculine field. Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, associate professor and author of this year’s Wall Street Journal bestseller Inclusify, received NASA’s prestigious 2020...