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Goldman Property Group 

Danny GoldmanDanny Goldman splits his time between California and Colorado—both of which he calls home, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I have a complex life, and I’m fortunate to have a complex life,” he said. 

Goldman was born and raised in Los Angeles. He knew that he wanted to come to Colorado for college, and it was the lookout view over Highway 36 that sold him on CU.  

His plan was to major in engineering. “I told my grandfather I was going to be an engineer so I could create stuff,” he said. “But then he said, ‘Why don’t you go to business school and hire the engineer?’” 

Goldman took his advice, and switched gears to study operations at Leeds while getting a certificate in real estate. Once he had his degree in hand, he returned to L.A. to work with his father at the Goldman Property Group. Today, they own a portfolio of more than 40 apartment and commercial buildings in the L.A. area. 

The connections he made at Leeds draw him back to Colorado often. There are many mentors who have helped shape his life today. Real estate agent Toni McClain gave him his first job while in college, managing real estate at The Colorado Group. Doug Wilson, a former CU environmental design professor, taught him the importance of taking the initiative to learn outside of school.

“The people of Colorado opened their hearts to me,” he said. “I have made it my mission to come back and pay that forward.”

As a Leeds alumnus, he mentors students through the Leeds Mentoring Program, teaches real estate classes as a guest lecturer and coaches students for the annual Real Estate Case Competition. He strives to bring the real world of real estate into the classroom, encouraging students to keep building their foundation of knowledge and applying it outside the classroom.

“What you learn within these walls will be the foundation for the learning you’ll do when you walk out these doors,” he says. “You weren't born with all the knowledge, so don't let anybody make you feel bad about not knowing something.”

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“What you learn within these walls will be the foundation for the learning you’ll do when you walk out these doors.”

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Goldman takes a very pragmatic approach to life; he believes that compassion and business can coexist with financial profits, a belief he’s integrated into how he runs his own business. 

He also walks the talk when it comes to learning: he asserts that it’s lifelong. 

“College is the beginning of your learning that you'll do your entire adult life,” he said.  “Keep your ears open. Keep your minds open. Listen to those who are experienced, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand.”

Goldman recently turned 40. While he doesn’t have any specific goals for the next part of his life, he feels he’s done enough to make an impact. 

“My next thing is to take one day at a time, one step at a time—and utilize my brain power in positive ways.”