Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Finance
Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Kappa Phi, Global Platinum Securities
Hobbies: Reading, Investing, Watching Sports

I chose Leeds Scholars because it seemed like the best opportunity coming out of high school to develop myself as a leader and as a well-rounded student. So far the program has met and exceeded those expectations. Getting to attend exclusive seminars with some of the business world's greatest minds and being able to collaborate with thirty other diverse student leaders has completely changed my student experience. Being around so many great minds has motivated me to continually put forth 100% effort in my academics and extracurriculars. And not only is the program developing me as a leader, it is also developing me as a globally aware student. I am currently preparing to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina in May with the rest of the 2013 Leeds Scholars Cohort to study international business. This program has positively influenced me as a student, leader, and person, and I cannot wait to continue to develop within it.