Entrepreneurs in Residence

Our on-campus Entrepreneurs in Residence are volunteers from Boulder’s startup ecosystem who want to work with student founders as mentors; judge in pitch competitions; offer advice in their fields of expertise; and more. From world-class CEO’s to young founders with multiple exits under their belts, our EIR’s are a rich resource to draw on for students interested in learning more about founding a business and navigating the challenges along the way. 

 Global EIR

CU’s Global Entrepreneurs in Residence are a stellar resource for students interested in running a venture that spans the globe. GEIR’s are entrepreneurs who have successfully started ventures in their home countries, and are now on campus for semester-length installments to teach our community their insights and learnings from operating businesses with an international lens. Email them here to set up a meeting and learn about their diverse backgrounds and take advantage of their expertise. 

 Entrepreneurial Law Clinic

The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ELC or the Clinic) provides law students with practical experience in transactional law while offering valuable legal services without charge to local startup businesses lacking access to legal resources.The Clinic’s clients include University of Colorado students and professors, local entrepreneurs, and local startup companies.Students interact directly with clients to provide legal advice on a wide range of business-law issues including basic corporate work, commercial contracts, and select intellectual property matters.  

 Meeting Rooms

Using EMS, Leeds students can access a host of team rooms building-wide. Use this platform to view available rooms and times, check their sizes, and book a reservation. 


There are a host of venture competitions, challenges, and pitch practice events across campus every semester. From our flagship New Venture Challenge—a campus-wide business pitch competition with six figures of potential prize money—to monthly competitions that offer micro seed grants to students with new business ideas, there’s a competition for every stage of venture and every idea on campus.