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Meet Tanner and Rebekah, two visionaries from Leeds who are reshaping the way we think about healthy snacking.  

Tanner Nott’s background is in marketing and entrepreneurship at Leeds where she took the New Venture Creation class, which aligns with her academic pursuits, along with a entrepreneurship certificate from Deming. Outside of school, Tanner is passionate about health and wellness, which inspired her to launch Better Bites. This venture aims to make health and wellness more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, which revolves around creating a balanced lifestyle in a fun and engaging way. 

Rebekah Roberts, a student majoring in finance and accounting with a certificate in entrepreneurial studies, was in the New Venture Creation class with Tanner. When Tanner presented her idea in class, Rebekah was immediately interested and felt that if Tanner decided to pursue the project outside of class, she would be eager to collaborate with her. Together, the two of them areRebekah and Tanner at the Student Business Fair joining forces and creating a product that enhances people's lives one bite at a time.

The idea for Better Bites sprouted from Tanner’s personal health and wellness journey. Despite being an athlete who was always active, she admitted to a carefree attitude towards food during her younger years. However, college brought a shift in perspective, making her more conscious of her choices. She still wanted to enjoy food but wanted to avoid processed options. This along with a long-standing struggle with vitamin deficiencies, Tanner saw an opportunity. 

Rebekah, on the other hand, was immediately captivated when Tanner presented the initial concept in their New Venture Creation class. The idea of a guilt-free, tasty treat that could enhance sleep health piqued her interest, particularly because she had personally struggled with sleep issues. "About 70% of people struggle with their sleep, and I saw a huge market opportunity," Rebekah shared. The positive feedback from their classmates only fueled her belief in the project's potential. "It was a great idea, and I just saw something that could really take off," she added. The fusion of Tanner's innovative approach to healthful eating and Rebekah’s enthusiasm and market insight has positioned Better Bites to make a significant impact.

Crafting Nutritional Harmony with Every Bite 

Better Bites aims to transform the snacking experience by combining the delectable taste of chocolate with the health benefits of magnesium, creating a snack that not only satisfies cravings but also supports better sleep patterns. This is ideal for people who struggle with sleep or those who have late-night appetite issues. Better Bites looks like a little square of chocolate bark, but instead of chocolate, they use carob, which is caffeine-free and lower in fat and sugar, making it more health-conscious. The snack includes a mix of nuts and seeds such as pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, and hemp seeds, chosen not only for their natural flavors but also for their health benefits, particularly their high magnesium content.

The product is designed to be simple and straightforward. 

"We wanted to make something where consumers could read the ingredient label and immediately understand what they are eating. Nothing confusing, just clean and beneficial." 

Each square of Better Bites contains approximately 75 milligrams of magnesium, sourced from three different forms to maximize absorption.Better Bites

All Eyes on the Future

While the product has broad market appeal, ranging from young athletes to the elderly, the initial focus is on health-conscious millennials in their late twenties and beyond, particularly those who already use health-tracking devices like Apple Watches or fitness rings. "These individuals are not only aware of their health but can also track the improvements in their sleep patterns as they incorporate magnesium into their diet," they explained.

The entrepreneurial journey for Better Bites has been supported by competitions and funding, which have helped propel the brand forward. They’ve competed in the New Venture Challenge and the New Venture Challenge Women’s edition, they shared. Additionally, the venture has received seed funding from the Deming Center, further enabling them to execute their vision.

Rebekah and Tanner have engaged actively with the community, participating in events such as the student business fair at Leeds through the Deming Center and hosting events at locations like Prime Nutrition. These engagements not only raise awareness of their products but also allow them to directly interact with potential customers, gathering invaluable feedback and building a loyal following.

As Better Bites continues to innovate and expand, their mission remains clear: to offer a range of health-oriented snacks that cater to the diverse needs of consumers, making the daily intake of beneficial nutrients an enjoyable part of everyday life. With a solid foundation and a clear vision, Better Bites is poised to make a significant impact on the health snack market.

Gearing up for a significant product launch Tanner and Rebekah are focusing not just on the immediate tasks but also on the broader strategic vision for their venture. 

"We're not necessarily looking for investment right now, but our main goal is to spread awareness as much as we can. We're building up this anticipation before we announce a product drop." 

The founders are not just seeking awareness; they are also open to various forms of collaboration. "We could literally use help on any aspect," they mentioned, pointing out needs ranging fromBetter Bites product manufacturing to food science, and from graphic design to potential internships. The Leeds community has been instrumental in their journey so far, providing resources and networking opportunities that have significantly supported their start-up. As they continue to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, spreading awareness and establishing their brand presence are their top priorities.

Better Bites aims to not only launch a successful product but also create a sustainable brand that resonates with consumers and grows with the evolving market. As they move forward, Better Bites remain committed to their vision of making health-focused snacks accessible and enjoyable, all while nurturing the relationships that will help propel them towards long-term success.


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