Daniel Gammon
Leeds Ambassadors

Howdy - I’m Daniel! I'm a junior studying Finance and Accounting with a minor in Poli-Sci and a Leadership certificate. I’m a part of the Honors and Scholars programs and several clubs including Leeds Consulting Group, Leeds Investment & Trading Group, Leeds Investment Banking Club, CU Hyperloop, and of course Leeds Ambassadors. Next summer I’m heading to SF to do some banking, which I'm looking forward to. Outside of all that fun stuff, I love to run up our mountains when it's warm, ski down them when it's cold, stay current on movies and TV, and travel (FGX to Iceland, plan on studying abroad in Spain!) My spirit noodle is probably the unmatched Radiatori which maximizes surface area relative to mass for optimal sauce retention and delivery. I'd love to chat about noodles or Leeds! 'Sko Buffs!