The Leeds Business Minor is a 12-credit program designed in partnership with business professionals and entrepreneurs to provide all interested CU Boulder students with business skills that will help them launch a successful career. 

the business minor curriculm showing the foundational courses, 5 track options and the capstion business plan

Course Offerings

Foundation Courses: BUSM 2010/2011 & BUSM 2020/2021

  • Principles of Marketing & Management (BUSM 2010/2011: 3 credit co-taught course)
    • Marketing: Marketing activities for identifying, reaching, motivating, and satisfying people, covering both strategy and tactics.
    • Management: Focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to effectively lead and manage individuals, teams, and organizations, leading to a more efficient workplace.
  • Principles of Accounting & Finance (BUSM 2020/2021: 3-credit co-taught course)
    • Accounting: Focuses on the development and interpretation of companies' external financial reports, from the fundamentals of bookkeeping, to more complex accounting issues such as intangible assets, impairments, and stock-based compensation.
    • Finance: Focuses on the role of finance in small and large businesses, including financial statement analysis, time value or money, bonds and stocks, capital budgeting analysis, and investor expectations regarding risk and return.

Track Courses: BUSM 30XX (Select One) 

  • Innovation (BUSM 3010/11: 3-credit co-taught course): How to generate new ideas and work in high-performing teams, leading to the launch of successful new products and services.
  •  Analytics (BUSM 3020/21: 3-credit co-taught course): How to manage datasets, models and spreadsheets to understand and analyze business problems and make strategic business decisions.
  • Entrepreneurship (BUSM 3030: 3-credit course): How to design and lead a new business that offers a product, process or service.
  • Global Business (BUSM 3040: 3-credit course): How organizations adapt and change in order to do business internationally. Course takes place abroad.
  • Real Estate (BUSM 3050: 3-credit course): How to analyze, develop, manage, finance and invest in commercial real estate.

*The Global Business track occurs abroad during Maymester and is available to a select few (~20). Interested students should be on the lookout for information sessions in September or may contact LeedsMinor@Colorado.edu for details regarding annual location, theme, cost and application process.

Capstone Course: BUSM 4010

  • Business Plan Development: This course gives students the chance to practice and showcase their business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Students are divided into working teams based on areas of expertise and interest. At the end of the semester, students participate in a large-scale business plan competition and recognition ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of the Minor.

Business Plan Competition & Recognition Ceremony: Local community leaders and entrepreneurs judge team presentations and a cash prize is awarded to the top team. Ceremony that follows includes a commencement speaker and presentation of graduates, followed by a catered reception open to parents and faculty.

Course Sequence

The Minor takes a minimum of three semesters to complete. The foundation courses may be taken concurrently, but the track and capstone must be taken after the foundation courses have been completed, and may not be taken concurrently.

Foundation courses in Marketing/Management and Accounting/Finance (BUSM 2010/11 & BUSM 2020/21) are available in the fall, spring and summer. The Track courses (BUSM 30XX) and Capstone (BUSM 4010) are only available in the fall and spring. The Global Business track, which takes place abroad, is only offered during Maymester.

Summer Enrollment

  • Students interested in taking summer courses must apply for summer admission and are expected to enroll in both foundation courses over the summer months.
  •  Only the foundation courses are offered in the summer; they are available both in-person and online.

 Non-summer cohort students (i.e. fall and spring entry) should not plan to take summer Business Minor courses, as they are meant for summer cohort students. However, should space be available, a few non-summer cohort students may be granted access to the summer foundation courses. Interested non-summer cohort students should email LeedsMinor@Colorado.edu.