Chris Driscoll
Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations

Chris Driscoll is CEO of the Driscoll Consulting Group.  He’s a former Director of Operations, Quality & Training for the world’s largest independent biotechnology company and he’s a past business turnaround specialist in the semiconductors industry. 

Chris is a longtime leader of professional services firms with high impact consulting experience across industries in 19 countries.  Some of his more interesting projects included helping Turkish Airlines compete in Europe, supporting the launch of a new Caltex/Star oil refinery in Thailand, and Training the staff at the Social Development Office in Kuwait. 

These days Chris is keenly focused on helping technology companies improve their operations.  Driscoll Consulting Group has spent the last 10 years understanding and improving the management gap that holds back many technology companies. 

When he’s not on a client’s site, Chris teaches Leeds students how to innovate and execute in Supply Chain Management.