Climate Action for Business at the Leeds School of Business with Climate Collaborative

Climate Action is a Collaborative Effort

May 31, 2023

Businesses of all sizes are waking up to the need to consider the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. With the pending regulatory requirement to report on emissions, many are now beginning to grapple with the climate crisis. Often the first step is to seek some formal education to...

NICC 2023

Making the Case for Sustainability in Business

April 4, 2023

Why does a Leeds education emphasize case competitions? Students share how their experiences helped them ace job interviews and prepared them to create impact at work.

A forest with a lake shaped like a chart in the center.

Climactic Change: Amid the Crisis, Leeds Continues Emphasis on Sustainability

Dec. 2, 2022

Business is finally getting a seat at the table in the conversation to fight climate change. Leeds has spent decades preparing professionals for that responsibility.

CESR Panel Series on the Workplace during Crisis

Reflections on our Panel Series: How Current Events are Shaping the Workplace

July 27, 2020

For the past three weeks CESR has been hosting a series of conversations about how the pandemic and the racial justice movement have been shaping workplace procedures and policies. We have explored how employers can support employees’ mental health needs during times of crisis, how the role of Corporate Social...

Thumbnail BECC

Students Tackle the Palm Oil Industry to Win Ethics Competition

April 17, 2017

On March 17th, six student teams were challenged to apply their values and skills learned in Leeds classes to a real-world ethics case at CESR’s 5 th annual Business Ethic Case Competition. ANNA Consulting (Noah Green, Nathan Mpiana, Alexandra McPherson, Alex Schott) rose above the rest, placing first by successfully...

Fairphone Thumbnail

Leaders in the Push for Ethical Technology Production

Aug. 8, 2016

Often times our smartphones are our lifelines, containing everything from vacation photos to important work emails. What is commonly overlooked by us consumers are the work and material that goes into producing our favorite technology. Shockingly, for something as compact as a phone, the production consists of questionable work ethics...

Jordyn Johnson

Where Are They Now: Scholarship Winner Jordyn Johnson

July 8, 2016

In 2015 students pursuing CESR's Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) Certificate were introduced to the Marc Prisant and Heidi Heltzel Scholarship for Ethics and Social Responsibility. Among the first three outstanding students awarded was Denver native, Jordyn Johnson. "Whenever someone believes in me enough to fund my education, I know that...

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Mark Meaney Elected Chairperson to UN PRME NA Chapter

Feb. 2, 2016

Dr. Mark Meaney accepts leadership position with newly formed North American chapter involving over 150 business schools. Jan. 26, 2016 – The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, announced that Dr. Mark Meaney, Executive Director of the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR), was elected...

Sustainability Marketplace

Sustainability Marketplace

Jan. 29, 2016

January 26 – CESR Instructor, David Payne, and the MBA students of Topics in Sustainable Business host representatives from twelve local businesses for this year’s Sustainability Marketplace . A requirement of Topics in Sustainable Business is a consulting-style project where MBAs select a company to advise and assist in a...

Avenues Down Which A Self-Reminding Mind Can Wander

June 3, 2015

ABSTRACT. We test the mnemonic benefit of having a mind that distracts itself with unresolved matters. In five studies, conducted in quasi-naturalistic settings, using both self-reported and experiencesampled measures of intention-related intrusions, we establish the reminding value entailed in mindwandering. Study 1 verifies that the mind is more likely to...