Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Marketing
Involvement: Leeds Scholars, Leeds Ambassadors, Diverse Scholars Program, Peer to Peer Mentoring
Hobbies: Tennis, Playing Guitar, Volunteering, excercising, hiking, attending church

I chose Leeds Scholars because it presented a type of cohort unlike any other I have ever been in. I always look for challenging courses and things to involve myself in in order to reach my potential and push myself even further. The Leeds Scholars Program puts me in a setting outside my comfort zone and pushes me to think and work in new and intellectual ways. In most things I involve myself, I am able to pick up the process of succeeding. The Leeds Scholars Program is one that is setting the bar high for me and I have to work harder and differently to reach it. The fact that we have spearkers come in that are people who have reached and surpassed that bar encourages me to reach and surpass that as well. This course has helped me learn how we will be surrounded with succesful and different people in the business world, but it is up to us to stand out. In a world that is full of people that may have the same potential as us, Leeds Scholars has helped me learn new ways to push that potential even further.