Business Open-Option
Leeds Scholars - Student

Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado
Academic Area of Focus: Business Open-Option
Involvement: President's Leadership Class, Leeds RAP, Leeds Scholars
Hobbies: Yoga, crafts, skiing, photography, cooking/eating, traveling

I chose Leeds Scholars program because the amazing oportunities and step up it gives me within the business school at Leeds-CU and the business community beyond. So far, I have gained vital information about resources within Leeds School of Business and I have attained important soft and hard skills that are essential in the business world today. I have also had the chance to meet some amazing business leaders and learn about new and interesting opportunites. This program has impacted my CU experince as a whole by providing me comfort and support. Due to the program, I am able to walk through the business school and know a multitude of my peers, professors and even the Dean because the Leeds Schoolars. This helps me feel prepared and have success in all of my business classes. I also have been impacted by knowing about what resources are avialble to me and using these to help me become a stonger student and better person overall.