The most prestigious alumni honor

The George Norlin Award, the most prestigious honor bestowed by the University of Colorado Boulder, honors alumni of the University of Colorado at Boulder for distinguished lifetime achievement. It recognizes outstanding alumni who throughout their lives have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their chosen field of endeavor and a devotion to the betterment of society and their community.

Leeds-affiliated winners:

2020: Nikhil Mankekar (Fin’01)
2012: Eugene Lucero (Bus’78)
2011: Larissa Herda (PoliSci '80)
2010: Richard Knowlton (Geog ’54)
2009: Richard E. Engebretson (MBA ’72)
2008: Jerry McMorris (Mgmt ’62)
2007: Walter A. Koelbel Sr. (Mktg ’47)
2006: Richard M. Burridge (Fin ’51)
2005: Michael S. Leeds (Bus’ 74)
1997: Leslie R. Fowler (Bus’ 48)
1991: Vance D. Brand (Bus ’53, Aero ’60)
1990: Peter Smythe (Bus’ 34)
1990: Roger L. Reisher (Acct’ 50)
1969: David B. Bolen (Econ, MMktg ’50) and William S. McNary (Bus’ 26)