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The Leeds School of Business is commited to academic excellence. Our Faculty have high academic expections of our students.  The accounting area of emphasis is designed to prepare students for careers in accounting, management, financial analysis, consulting and investing.

The areas of accounting study are financial reporting, managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing. Course work in accounting conveys a comprehensive understanding of the theory and concepts that underlie accounting practice. Emphasis is placed on understanding accounting concepts and the reporting system, using logical reasoning to solve problems and interpreting value.

Required Courses for the Accounting Area of Emphasis:

ACCT 3220: Corporate Financial Reporting I (3) (prerequisite: BASE 2104)
ACCT 3230: Corporate Financial Reporting II (3) (prerequisite: ACCT 3220)
ACCT 3320: Cost Management (3) (prerequisite: BASE 2104)
ACCT 3440: Income Taxation (3) (prerequisite: BASE 2104)

Choose ONE of the Following Accounting Emphasis Elective Courses:

ACCT 4/5240: Advanced Financial Accounting (3)  (prerequisite: ACCT 3230)
ACCT 4/5620: Auditing (3) (prerequisite: ACCT 3230)
ACCT 4/5250: Financial Statement Analysis (3) (prerequisite: ACCT 3230)
ACCT 4/5540: Accounting Information Systems (3) (prerequisite: ACCT 3220)

Required Senior Capstone Course:

ACCT 4850/6350: Senior Seminar in Accounting (3) (prerequisite: ACCT 3230)