The 2015 Partners in Business Ethics Conference will bring together academic and corporate leaders from universities and companies from around the world. Confirmed university attendees currently include deans from:

Drucker, ESADE Business School (Spain), EGADE (Mexico), ESMT (Germany), Fuqua, Haas, Imperial College Business School (UK), Kellogg, Mendoza, Ross, Tuck, and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) are among the institutions confirmed to attend. View participant directory

Partners in Business Ethics is a collaborative effort between the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Texas at Austin. 

How is Partners in Business Ethics Different?

The conference is designed to be highly-interactive and case-driven, reflecting state-of-the-art teaching techniques that effectively promote enduring learning in the field of business ethics. Relying heavily on attendee participation and spirited discourse, the corporate and academic leaders at the conference will address the valuable lessons that can be learned from analyzing real dilemmas faced in the workplace.

The conference will include panels of academics and practitioners, with open dialogue to allow plenty of time for comments and critiques. A focus will be on the case-study method, identifying what makes a compelling case and how to apply these learning opportunities within the business school environment. In addition, attendees will discuss how organizations can build on the training and lessons that students bring to the workplace. How can your company develop an ethical culture and reinforce ethical behavior? What are various known strategies for building an ethical environment within the workplace? How can new employees be successfully integrated into an ethical company?


Key Objectives

  1. Corporate attendees will gain greater insight into the learning opportunities that companies should provide in order to ensure and reinforce the creation and maintenance of an ethical culture.
  2. Academic participants will develop a deeper understanding of the emphasis companies place on character for their future employees, and share best practices on how to incorporate appropriate skill-building and training into the academic environment.
  3. Student attendees will develop a richer understanding of the real-world ethical challenges they may face in the workplace, and their role in shaping a strong ethical organizational culture. 
  4. All attendees will receive a greater appreciation of discovery-based learning techniques, easily adapted to the classroom or the workplace. 

Corporate leaders consistently emphasize the importance of business ethics and integrity in the workplace. Yet they are concerned that business schools are not graduating students with the depth of understanding nor educational experiences necessary to recognize and address complex ethical situations when they arise.

Companies and universities must therefore come together to define and adapt the curriculum that best prepares these graduates to lead the great companies they will ultimately join. This conference provides one of the only opportunities available for corporate leaders to play a critical role in discussing and refining the business ethics education provided at top schools around the country.

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