Published: April 1, 2015
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Here’s an opportunity to join the social entrepreneurship community from Boulder and CU at the New Venture Challenge (NVC) Social Impact Prize Finals at Boomtown! Network with members of Boulder's social entrepreneurship community and watch the top five NVC Social Impact Prize teams pitch their business ideas.

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When: Monday, April 13th beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Boomtown, 2060 Broadway, Boulder 80302
Why: Support emerging entrepreneurs and learn more about great impact business ideas developed on the CU Boulder campus! Enjoy free food and delicious beverages donated Bhakti Chai.
Sponsors: Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) and Net Impact Club, plus many other local businesses who embrace social responsibility. Check out our sponsors here.

What is the New Venture Challenge?

The NVC is an incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs across the CU Boulder campus that connects students with some of the Front Range’s most successful entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses. In addition to several industry-specific tracks - including R&D, IT and Performing Arts - the NVC has created a venue that encourages students to think about the social and environmental impacts of their business.

The Social Impact (SI) Prize rewards teams who most effectively incorporate triple bottom line practices into their business plan. By making the SI Prize cross-sectional as opposed to a stand-alone track, it demonstrates that social and environmental responsibility are essential to success for any business in any industry.

The Competitors

Antigua Brewing Company views its mission as providing Guatemalans access to craft beer that is authentic, flavorful and diverse and, most importantly, that they can feel great drinking. This is made possible by being a local company that acts as an economic engine, solving one of the most pressing social and environmental issues in the country, access to clean water.

Hemera Project makes it easy for people to access solar energy in their daily lives. Our team of young professionals and University of Colorado Boulder graduate students have developed a solar-powered watch and smartphone charger and partnered with Nokero Solar, the developer of the world's most affordable solar lamp, to overcome the barriers of access to solar energy for the world's poor and wealthy alike. 

Yaiyo is an online farmer's market that enables farmers, gardeners, and growers to list their produce with the click of a button, allows buyers to search for locally grown food and produce, and simplifies the process of buying and selling local food. 

The Space Research Company builds, launches, and operates small satellites to help scientists conduct their cutting-edge research in space. We work with researchers throughout the process to ensure they obtain meaningful science outputs. With our innovative and user-friendly satellite platform, we can keep costs low and offer space access to those who could not afford it previously. 

Revolar seeks to find a solution to the problem of self-security. Revolar was created to become a successful, timeless business in order to provide unique, sleek solutions to security and make the world a safer place. 

Why a Social Impact Prize?

The NVC is a major event within the CU-Boulder campus community, and a training ground for future business leaders. The NVC SI Prize is critical to raising awareness and continuing momentum for budding social entrepreneurs. Increasing research shows that businesses which incorporate social and environmental impact into their culture and values will be more competitive in the future. The SI prize encourages student entrepreneurs to use business to solve the social and environmental problems of our time. Through the SI prize, CU-Boulder students will continue to develop into the future leaders of the budding social and sustainable entrepreneurship movement.

The Prize

This year the Social Impact Prize is valued at $8,500+ and includes $6000+ cash, a year’s membership to Impact HUB Boulder, and admission into two Master Course workshops at Watson University and a slot to pitch to impact investors at the Watson Summit.

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