Published: March 16, 2015
Mark Meaney, Business Ethics

Last weekend Mark Meaney, CESR’s executive director, hit the airwaves with ICOSA, an organization which facilitates partnerships and assistance among individuals, businesses, communities, governmental bodies and educational organizations to help foster growth and change.

Mark discussed various topics from teaching business ethics using a distinctive pedagogy and how this provides students with a job market differentiator, to the groundbreaking Partners in Business Ethics conference coming this spring.

Tune in to the podcast to hear Mark’s take on how ethics applies to business!

Segment 2:
Corporate ethics programs, teaching business ethics in b-schools, the Leeds School distinctive pedagogy, the CSR Career Trek and the Leeds students’ job market differentiator

Segment 3:
Partners in Business Ethics and the role of the Leeds family in the development of CESR

Segment 3 (extended):
Alumni engagement and the Leeds' Dean’s vision