Published: Feb. 23, 2015
Terri Bourne, CESR Board Member

One of CESR’s newest board members comes to us from one of the largest global companies in the world, Royal Dutch Shell, with a message she’s passionate about: “’Big’ doesn’t equate to ‘bad.’ Although they’re not perfect, global multi-nationals do so much to build relationships and forge understanding, because we bring together people from all over the world – representing different cultures, religions, ethnicities, generations – and find ways to work together to innovate and solve problems.”

As Risk and Assurance manager, Terri Bourne supports Shell’s Chief Ethics & Compliance Office in overseeing the design and implementation of a global ethics & compliance program based on Shell’s core values. She maintains an informed view of significant ethical, legal and regulatory and compliance risks and shapes the development of related policy initiatives. 

“I’ve always been values driven, and I’ve spent my entire career working for one of the world’s largest companies. I have a strong commitment to making sure that what we do matches what we say. I suppose that is why I’ve so enjoyed working in corporate governance and ethics & compliance – it gives me a voice and a real opportunity to influence.”

Since 1995 Terri has been directly involved in designing, operating and reviewing the effectiveness of processes that enable Shell to comply with US, UK and Dutch corporate governance requirements, in particular activities that relate to risk management and internal control, audit committees, disclosure, ethics & compliance and assurance. 

Terri decided to join the CESR advisory board to bring her global experience back to Boulder. She says, “Involvement in the CESR advisory board gives me the opportunity to give back to the CU Business School in a manner that aligns with my passion for values based leadership. It allows me to play a small part in shaping the experience of current and future students.”

Terri has a BA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Houston.  

Who is the CESR Advisory Board?

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