Published: May 15, 2018

CESR SRE Certificate

This May, the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility (CESR) awarded 32 graduating seniors with the Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) Certificate. This is the largest class of SRE students to graduate with the certificate since its creation in 2010. On May 4th, we honored these seniors and sent them off to their careers in which we are certain they will strive to make a positive social impact.

This year’s graduates go on to exciting new roles with organizations including Oracle, Visa, American Solar Energy Society, Teach for America and PIPs Rewards, a mobile app launched at CU that incentivizes sustainable, healthy and socially responsible behavior. Students in this class completed experiential learning projects including establishing and leading student organizations including Buffs Teach Abroad, CESR Fellows and Green Greeks. Other projects involved collaborating with corporations, including Nike and Arrow Electronics, to track their performance in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and seek opportunities for improvement.

Student Reflections

Another important part of the certificate is taking three courses related to developing skills in leadership, sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. Many SRE graduates said that the courses they took as part of the certificate were among their favorites at Leeds. Below are a few select reflections on SRE Certificate courses.

“This course (CESR 4005: Business Solutions for the Developing World) changed my way of thinking…  I now believe that we should empower communities in order for them to be sustainable. I had never been so inspired or energized to work with a socially responsible lens in the business realm. “

“One of my favorite teachers, Don (Oest), gave me a primer on ethics in business and it was during this class that I learned of the responsibility of the company to their community and to the planet.”

“(CESR/MGMT 4130: Sustainable Operations) was one of the most informative and persuasive courses I have taken during my time at Leeds. I have never walked away from any course with so much relevant knowledge to apply in my everyday life.”

CESR SRE Certificate

About the Certificate

The SRE Certificate provides students the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the field of socially responsible business. Whether their interests lie in environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship, corporate ethics, or values-driven leadership, students who complete the certificate develop practical knowledge and marketable experiences that distinguish them in the job market.

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