Published: Dec. 18, 2015

The University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business offers one of the most innovative and respected Real Estate programs in the country. With their excellent industry connections and placement rates upon graduation many students have found their careers to be going in exciting and meaningful directions, thanks in part, to the CU Real Estate Center. Their coordination with industry leaders provides students with ample opportunities to hone real world skills in internships. For many students these internships are invaluable experiences that turn into full time positions upon graduation. Also, the Center provides mentoring opportunities where students are paired with a professional working in their area of interest. These mentors provide professional advice and can help the student narrow down their interests in Real Estate and help them land in a role the student will find exciting and fulfilling upon graduation.

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New to the Leeds School of Business is the MS in Real Estate Program. This twelve month program provides students with the skill set necessary in the asset management or development fields. The MS Program focuses on quantitative analysis, management and operations in Real Estate through a rigorous selection of courses tailored to make the most out of the accelerated program.

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The Real Estate track in the MBA Program provides students rigorous curriculum and the flexibility to hone their interests in the Real Estate industry. The flexibility found in the Real Estate MBA track provides students the ability to launch or accelerate their career in development, entrepreneurship, finance or sustainability depending on their interests as they explore their studies. A key component of success for the MBA Program is their involvement in the NAIOP Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge. The NAIOP Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge is a class and competition offered to second year MBA in the spring term. The competition, which pits second year MBA students at CU Boulder against fellow MBAs at the University of Denver, assigns a site in the Denver area to redevelop. The students make a proposal for how they would develop the site with consideration given to the various stakeholders for the site and what is economically feasible. Students gain experience in every area of development through exposure in this competition.

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