Published: Sept. 17, 2014
A CESR Faculty member takes student to Vietnam for the study of Microfinance.

Vietnam is a vibrant and beautiful country with one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a warm and welcoming people. It is also a destination for the First-Year Global Experience class (BADM 1260) offered next May 2015 for 11 days. CESR faculty member Owen Borum is the instructor for the course, which enrolls approximately 20 first-year students and counts for two credits as a business elective, with a hands-on service project integrated into the trip.

Many global companies, such as Samsung, Nike and Cargill, manufacture products in Vietnam, and an increasing number of businesses are looking to Vietnam as an important market, as economic growth increases Vietnamese purchasing power.

The First-Year Global Experience trip will explore the ongoing transition of Vietnam from a planned central economy to a socialist-oriented market economy under the Đổi Mới Policy. The trip will introduce students to a wide range of Vietnamese commerce, from international corporations to agrarian, village-oriented trade. The emerging economy and rich culture of Vietnam will be explored through multiple business and cultural site visits touching on key industries, including tourism, agriculture (including rice and coffee), and manufacturing.

First Year Global Experience

Interested in traveling abroad? The First Year Global Experience allows students to take a hands-on approach toward building global competency. Your opportunity to sign up is right around the corner. Click here to fill out the application form. Also, feel free to contact Owen Borum (owen.borum (at) for further details.