Published: July 14, 2014
Nancy Chapelle

CESR is pleased to announce this year’s winner of the Brent Graber Memorial “Most Outstanding Discussion Leader of the Year,” as voted by her peers, is Nancy Chapple. Nancy is finishing her first year with CESR and has jumped wholeheartedly into what CESR teaches about business ethics and social responsibility. She served as a DL in the spring ’14 semester and will continue to be a DL this fall.  Nancy has made significant investments of her time and talent into our students, brought a positive attitude to the team, and has been described as willing to “do anything to help her students.” 

For those who did not have the privilege of knowing Brent Graber, he was one of the highest rated discussion/recitation leaders CESR ever had. Brent was tragically killed in a bicycle accident 5 ½  years ago, and this award honors his dedication to CESR and his students.

Nancy is the sixth recipient of this award. Prior winners include Don Oest, Kris Hanssen, Scarlett Ponton de Dutton, Tony Adams, and Mark Francis. 

We are so fortunate to have Nancy on the CESR team!