Published: May 10, 2014
larissa herda

Out of 8,000 companies considered, CESR Board Member Larissa Herda’s TW Telecom landed in Forbes’ Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America this year. The list, generated by investment adviser GMI Ratings and published by Forbes, is culled from more than 8,000 publicly traded companies in North America. To determine if a company belongs on the list, GMI considers such factors as high-risk events and SEC actions. The companies are then ranked according to their AGR -- "Aggressive Accounting and Governance Risk." The higher the score on a 100-point scale, the more trustworthy a company is considered to be. Colorado’s single entry was Herda’s TW Telecom, a mid-cap company that received an AGR score of 96. Companies that make the list are reporting accurately on their outcomes, good or bad. While there’s no guarantee that an honest company is a thriving one, in most cases the companies are financially sound, with strong stock performance.