Published: April 3, 2014

CESR’s Owen Borum was one of four finalists nominated for the 2014 Joseph L. Frascona Teaching Excellence Award this year, which went to Laura Kornish. Overall, there were a total of 181 nomination letters for 41 Leeds School of Business faculty members. One requirement for the award is that the recipient be a full-time faculty member who expects to be teaching at Leeds during the following academic year.  In addition, a recipient of the award cannot receive it again for three years.  This year the award was a $10,000 cash prize, and the winner was announced at the Leeds Recognition Ceremony on May 8, 2014, at the Coors Event Center.

CESR faculty member Kevin McMahon was also nominated this year. In addition, other CESR faculty members were nominated but not eligible due to their part-time status, including Lorna Christoff, Beth Cross, Liz Stapp and Don Oest. In 2013 Catherine Milburn was a finalist, and Owen Borum, Kevin McMahon, Kai Larsen, David Payne, Liz Stapp, Beth Cross, Lorna Christoff, Mark Francis, Francy Milner and Don Oest were all nominated. CESR winners have included Donna Sockell in 2009, CESR board member Cathleen Burns in 2006, and CESR Faculty Affiliate Kai Larsen in 2005.

The Joseph L. Frascona Teaching Excellence Award was established by the Falkenberg family to honor Dr. Joseph Frascona, Professor Emeritus, who inspired the donor’s intellectual development and created a lifelong impact on his life. The award is intended to recognize teaching that goes beyond “textbook teaching” and strives to inspire students to engage their minds, particularly to see the world around them.