Summer 2021

We recognize that students with all-remote or hybrid remote/online classes may not be on campus and are not able to use services funded by some mandatory student fees that are location-based and do not offer remote or virtual experiences. We are waiving location-based fees for summer which include the Bike Program Fee,* a portion of the Rec Center Expansion Fee, and the Transit Pass Fee.* (The Athletic Fee is also a location-based fee but it is not charged in the summer.) 

*Colorado resident undergraduate students in tuition guarantee groups A–O will see one amount waived for the Student Bus & Bike Programs Fee which remains in effect during your four-year tuition guarantee.

View the waivers in Buff Portal

You can view the waivers on your student account. Students go to the Tuition and Fees card in Buff Portal, click View/Pay Bill, then click Current Activity Details and scroll down to the Credits and Payments section to see the waivers. Authorized payers log in to CUBill&Pay, click on View & Pay Accounts, then click on View Account Details and scroll down to the Credits and Payments section to see the waivers. 

Option to opt back in and pay for all location-based services

Students with all-remote or hybrid remote/online class schedules who live locally may still want to use the services these fees support. You can opt back in to pay full fees by submitting the Opt In for Full Fees form by July 16. 

Opt In Fee Form for Students with All-Remote or Hybrid Remote/Online Classes

Just need a bus pass and bike services?

Bike services are bundled with the CollegePass (bus pass). Please email and copy/paste the following statement in your email: 

In order to keep my CollegePass active for the Summer 2021 and give me access to the Bike Program services, I give the CU Sustainable Transportation Program approval to charge my student account $95 to purchase an optional bus pass.

Visit Bus Information and Updates for more informaiton. If you are a graduate student on appointment, your bus pass is paid for through benefits and you do not pay out of pocket. The Transit Pass Fee is not charged to your student account.

Schedule Changes

If your schedule changes and includes one or more in-person or hybrid in-person classes, then location-based fee waivers will be removed and you will be billed for them.