Previous BSI Scholar recipients may apply for continuation funds during the academic year. (If you are new to research, or have never been funded by BSI in the past, you should start here). As Continuing Scholars, students will receive financial support, as well as continued professional development support via our program activities.  

Research Project

Previous BSI Scholar recipients should have enough research experience to develop their own research proposal.  Projects should be in a STEM lab, preferably working on a biology-related research project. Students should expect to spend at least 10 hours per week on research during the school year. BSI funds will not be granted to students without a mentor already identified. Mentors can assist with the research proposal and are expected to write a letter of recommendation to go with the application. 


BSI provides continuation funding only during the academic year. Students will be awarded a $2,500 stipend for the year. BSI does not provide an allowance for supplies, equipment, or other research expenses.


  • Undergraduates must be a previous BSI Scholar awardee
  • Undergraduates must be currently enrolled full time (12 credits) in a degree-seeking (Bachelor's) program at CU Boulder when applying
  • Undergraduates pursuing a science (STEM) degree receive priority
  • Undergraduates cannot graduate before the end of the award term

Important Notes

  • Funding - Due to the limited availability of research funding for undergraduates on campus, students may not receive a BSI Scholars award in addition to another source of funding, such as a UROP or departmental grant, for their research at the same time.
  • Program Components - As a requirement of this award, students are expected to participate in professional development seminars and activities throughout the program. These trainings are designed to both inform and enrich the undergraduate research experience and are scheduled around the participants' course schedules as much as possible. Please refer to the BSI website for dates. Students who are not able to attend the orientation will not be able to participate as a BSI Scholar. Continuing BSI Scholars are required to develop a poster presentation for BSI's annual research symposium in the spring. 

Please review the other sections of this site to assist you with the application process and mentor eligibility.  Please contact the BSI office with any questions.