Application Process – Continuing BSI Scholars

Applications are collected online, through DocuSign.

  1. The student begins an online application and fills out their information, uploads research proposal, and signs.
  2. The designated mentor fills out their portion of the online application and signs.
  3. The mentor emails their confidential recommendation (available below) directly to BSI.

Review detailed application instructions below. 

For Mentors

Download the Mentor Recommendation questions here

Mentors, email this completed form to BSI at by 8am Tuesday, Sept. 4. 

Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Both the student and mentor portions of the application must be submitted by the deadline for the application to be considered. 

Detailed Application Instructions for Students

Prepare to complete the online DocuSign application by writing your project proposal and reviewing application questions. You CAN save your progress and return to your application to finish. 

A. Prepare your responses

Download the student proposal prompt here

You will upload this proposal to the online DocuSign application. 

B. Send your mentor their question prompt

Your project mentor will write a confidential recommendation and email it directly to BSI. Send them this document well in advance of the deadline. You will not see their responses to these questions. 

Your application will not be considered complete until a) you and your mentor have completed and signed the DocuSign application, and b) your mentor has emailed BSI their recommendation. BSI will email you both when the application is complete. 

Download the Mentor Recommendation questions here

C. Review other application questions

This is NOT the application itself. The application can ONLY be accessed via DocuSign. 

Click to view all application questions

Access the BSI Scholars application by clicking on the "Apply Now" button at the bottom of this page. 

The email addresses you enter on this form determine who receives the form, so please ensure your mentor is an eligible person and the email you enter for them is correct. 

Verify the information entered is correct, and click the "Submit" button. You will immediately receive an email from DocuSign to access your application. SAVE THIS EMAIL. 

You will receive an email from DocuSign to access your application. This email will contain an access code. Save this email, as you'll need the link if you want to save progress and return to your application later. 

If you do not complete your application in one sitting, you can save your progress and return later to finish and sign your application.

To save and return later:

A. Click "Other Actions" at the top right of the page

corner screenshot

B. Select "Finish Later" in the drop down menu.

finish later

C. You can use the button "Resume Signing" in the access code email you received to return to your application. 

resume signing

When you have completed your sections of the application, sign it and click "Finish." This will automatically send your application to the mentor you identified previously.

Your mentor will receive an email from DocuSign, and they can follow instructions in that email to access your application. The email may go to a junk or spam folder. If they do not yet see an email from DocuSign and you've already signed, have them check their junk/spam folder. 

You will receive an email from DocuSign when your mentor has signed the application. They will then need to email the confidential recommendation directly to BSI.

BSI will email you and your mentor when your application is complete.

  • Be sure you meet the eligibility requirements and have an eligible mentor before applying.
  • Complete an application through the online process with the assistance of your mentor. As a professional courtesy, start early to give them time to prepare their letter of recommendation.
  • BSI does not accept hard copies of applications. Applications MUST be submitted through the online system. 
  • You will be notified by email if you've been awarded funding.