BSI supports undergraduate students interested in scientific research through numerous courses and programs.  

Student working at a lab bench

For Academic Credit

Students interested in gaining research experience through for-credit opportunities should explore our Credit Opportunities page, which lists available research-based courses at CU Boulder for both beginning and upper-level students. Students in these courses will learn and apply real-world research techniques and fundamental scientific principles while gaining a sense of what life is like in a research lab. Independent study research opportunities are also available, and are typically arranged between individual students and faculty members.

For Pay

For students in need of paid research opportunities throughout the year, our Paid Opportunities page lists many programs available to CU Boulder undergraduates. These research experiences can complement and extend what students are learning in the classroom, allow them to “try out” research as a potential career, and help them make connections with faculty for mentoring and professional references. BSI administers the BSI Scholars program, which provides funding, professional development workshops, and scientific presentation opportunities for both beginning and experienced research students.