Lessons in Life Science

A pika stands on a rock making its sound

ScienceLIVE offers K-12 students and teachers web-based curriculum focused on field research, including guided access to research teams in the field, live research blogs, educational videos and lesson plans developed with the scientists using actual scientific data. While BSI is no longer able to develop new lessons and offer workshops in conjunction with ScienceLIVE, the content that was previously developed with the BSI staff and CU Boulder researchers will continue to exist on the ScienceLIVE website. 

We invite teachers to continue using this valuable resource with their students, to help make connections with real scientific field data. BSI lessons include: Pikas, Mountain Pine Beetles, Camera Trapping, Bees and Alpine Hydrology. Content from our most recent collaboration, Chickadee Hybridization, should be up on the site shortly. 

Please add ScienceLIVE to your bookmarks and if you have any questions, please contact Peter Erb, site co-creator directly from the ScienceLIVE website. BSI has enjoyed this collaborative partnership and developing these resources for teachers.