BSI Classroom - Gold A1B20

The BSI Classroom is located in the Gold Biosciences building on the University of Colorado Boulder Main Campus. 

To reach Gold Biosciences & the BSI Classroom 

From Colorado Avenue, looking north at Gold Biosciences, enter through the eastmost door of the building along Colorado Ave. You should see two red signs, "Gold Biosciences" and "Door 8" on either side of the entrance door. If you pass a statue of a buffalo or Folsom Field, you have gone too far east. If Colorado Ave. starts to curve south, you've gone too far west. Once inside Gold Biosciences, head straight down the hallway. Walk almost to the end of that hallway and turn left down a short corridor. The BSI Classroom, Gold A1B20, is at the end of that corridor on your left. 

On-campus parking options 

Always refer to the most recent materials sent from BSI if coming to campus for a workshop. However, the following is generally true for weekend parking on campus: 

Park in Lot 436 for free on weekends only. Do note that this parking lot is at least a 10-minute walk uphill to the BSI Classroom. 

Lot 360 is much closer to the classroom, but CU charges $2 per hour for parking in this lot on weekends. Parking for a typical workshop will cost you $16 to $18 at this rate. Park your car, then pay one of the automated machines in the lot. Note that the automated parking machines accept coins and credit cards ONLY.

There are other options for visitor parking, but they are more expensive. You can find out more information here about short-term parking on campus on the Parking & Transportation Services website