Published: May 9, 2022

We are excited to welcome the latest BSI Scholars. BSI is looking forward to a robust research summer with all these undergraduate researchers in what we hope will be a more typical research environment.  Student projects are in a mix of departments with a biological emphasis.  Congratulations to them all!

BSI Scholar summer 2022 cohort group photo

BSI Scholar Major(s) Lab/Department
Nickles Badger Biochemistry and MCDB Batey - Biochemistry
Joseph Barham EBIO and Spanish Kane - EBIO
Wesley Beckham Biochemistry Sousa - Biochemistry
Gianni Bonnici Neuroscience and Biochemistry Baratta - Psychology & Neuroscience
Emma Carillion Chemical and Biological Engineering Bryant - Chemical & Biological Eng.
Natalie Cloutier Chaine EBIO Safran - EBIO
Calvin Ewing Biochemistry and MCDB Detweiler -  MCDB
Brysyn Goodson EBIO Wing  - Geological Sciences
Grace Hach Chemical and Biological Engineering Anseth - Chemcial and Biological Eng.
Alex Hirano MCDB Chuong - MCDB
Erin Hobday EBIO Johnson - EBIO
Wren Hoertdoerfer Chemical and Biological Engineering Shields - Chemical & Biological Eng.
Eitan Kochavi MCDB Alistar - Comp Science
Zofia Lisowska Integrative Physiology Wright - IPHY
Grace Lynch MCDB Meyer (Kralj Lab) - MCDB
Grace MacDonald Psychology and Neuroscience Bidwell - Psychology & Neuroscience
Julia Ana Mirita Biochemistry Kugel - Biochemistry
Ethan  Montoya MCDB Stock - EBIO
Eileen Reh Mechanical Engineering Ferguson - Mechanical Eng.
Molly Ricker MCDB Voeltz - MCDB
Samantha Ridgeway Biochemistry Whiteley - Biochemistry
Dana Ritterbusch Psychology and Neuroscience Saddoris - Psychology & Neuroscience
McKinley Rump IPHY and Public Health Certificate Pietras  - CU Anschutz
Petra Stojanovic Biochemistry Luger - Biochemistry
Erica Sung Biochemistry Liu - Biochemistry
Alexis Walker Chemical and Biological Engineering Whitehead - Chemical & Biological Eng.