Published: May 1, 2020


Poster symposium spring 2019 picture

BSI Poster Symposium - Spring 2019


It has been a busy few weeks around BSI.  We wrapped up the BSI Scholars program with student presentations over Zoom.  It was obvious that the students worked very hard in the lab this year and accomplished a lot. Congratulations to everyone on creating engaging and informative talks.  BSI appreciates the flexibility that students displayed this spring, as we had to adjust to canceled campus events, including our ever-popular BSI Poster Symposium.   

Every year we say goodbye to some of our BSI Scholars who graduate.  Some of you will go on to more training (medical school, graduate school), some will travel, volunteer, join the workforce, or some (most) of you will do all these things.  No matter the path, enjoy the journey. We hope each one of you takes the time to celebrate in all you have achieved here at CU and truly enjoy your accomplishments.  Best wishes to you all!