Published: March 1, 2018

sauerkraut makingOn Saturday, February 24, Colorado middle and high school teachers came to the CU Boulder main campus to attend a Biological Sciences Initiative (BSI) workshop. The workshop, Microbes and Mental Health: Getting the Dirt on Your Health, is one of the most popular workshops BSI has recently developed. Participating teachers receive background information and activities developed from the research of Dr. Christopher Lowry, professor in the Integrative Physiology department at CU Boulder. Dr. Lowry's research highlighted in this workshop focuses on the potential of vaccinating against the effects of mental illness, including anxiety and affective disorders. 

The workshop day began with background information on many of the human systems that affect microbes in the body, then explored the link between microbes living in humans, the immune system, and effects on mental health. Teachers conducted a number of activities they can take back to their classrooms, including making probiotic sauerkraut!